Since 1976 I have been breeding Siamese cats, and I am a member of the Fédération Féline Helvétique (FFH, a swiss FIFE member). Since 1990 I have been an international judge in FIFE. I am retired, which allows me to share more time with my animals and hobbies.

I am especially interested in breeding colors like silvertabby, foreign-white cinnamon and fawn. My cats have won several highest prizes, like Best in Show and Eurochampions etc, furthermore 1991 „Best foreign cat“ in Germany. I can trace back my lines over 30 years. In 1985 I imported the first Oriental Shorthair and Siamese cats from the United States to Switzerland also in 2014 again.

I like to preserve the Siamese genetic heritage from the far east. My litters are always bred under the aspect of health by studying and analysing the genetic background. I always prefer healthy cats to short-living extreme types.